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Playback Singer | Record Producer | Live Performer


Harshan Bhardwaj, a singer, musician, and performer, whose enchanting music has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. With a decade of professional experience, Harshan has garnered a notable reputation for his soulful performances and melodious journey in the music industry. His unique blend of talent, passion, and dedication makes him a true gem in the world of live music. Whether he's performing individually or collaborating with fellow musicians, Harshan's musical prowess never fails to create unforgettable and mesmerizing experiences for his audience.

Highlights & Achievements​​

  • Trained & certified in Indian & western music, since age 4.​​

  • 11 years & 300+ successful shows with multiple artists all over the country & abroad.​​

  • Professional experience for every kind of performance covering various genres/style from Bollywood, retro, pop, rock with flavours of english, ghazal, folk, sufi, punjabi & more.

  • Honoured by AR Rahman (KM Music Conservatory, Chennai) for western music developments.

  • Guinness world record holder for largest cinematic music band "The Forgotten Army" (Amazon prime series)  with Pritam, EB21 & Live 1000 Band.

  • Album & Recording Artist, officially signed by leading international companies & recognised brands.



Mysterious Girl

Divya Mahajan

"Harshan is an incredibly talented singer and performer. His energy on stage is contagious, and his ability to engage with the audience is unmatched. We have had the pleasure of booking him for several of our corporate events and private parties, and he has never failed to impress. His versatility and range as a singer and performer make him the perfect choice for any event or occasion."

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Sanjay Malhotra

"I have been a fan of Harshan Bhardwaj for years and was thrilled to have him perform at my wedding. He worked closely with us to create a personalized playlist that included all of our favorite songs, and he even learned a few new ones just for our special day. His live performance was incredible, and our guests are still talking about how much they enjoyed the music. If you want a talented, professional, and engaging musician for your event, go for Harsh."

Beautiful Girl

Akanksha Jain

"Harshan Bhardwaj and his music band delivered an unforgettable performance at our recent concert. The energy and passion they brought to the stage were truly inspiring, and the crowd was completely engaged from start to finish. Harshan's ability to seamlessly blend different genres of music was impressive, and his talent as a live singer and guitarist is undeniable. We would highly recommend him and his music group for any event or venue."

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